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We Saved $237.00 Last Month on Non-GMO, Paleo, and Organic Food. Here's How We Did It...

Get All My Best Money-Saving Tricks To Make Shopping Simple And Healthy!

  • A complete guide with all my favorite ways to find high quality and delicious organic food at the lowest prices possible.

  • Simplify your life by knowing exactly when and where to find the best deals on farm-fresh and locally grown delicacies.

  • Steer clear of fake labels, marketing hijinks, and overpriced “natural” foods and stock your kitchen with these healthy staples instead.


What Is The Wild Diet Shopping Guide?

The Wild Diet Shopping Guide is a fun, no-nonsense resource that will help you save money, eat healthy, delicious food, and simplify your shopping.

  • Kitchen tricks to get the most bang for your buck and stretch your shopping dollar further than you thought possible.
  • Handy tips to survive on the road while you enjoy healthy food, save money, steer clear of junk food, and protect the environment.
  • Complete shopping cheat sheet that gives you direct links to our favorite (and most affordable) products and kitchen staples. Including baking goods, and spectacular savings on top-shelf organic meats and seafood.
  • Money saving shopping hacks that will cut your grocery budget by 30%, 50% or even 70% while enjoying the best quality meats, seafood, and fresh organic vegetables.
  • Useful guide to food labels, which you can trust, which you should avoid, and which are completely worthless and misleading.
  • Save time by knowing exactly where, when and how to shop for your favorite foods, snacks and treats. Get the complete listing of my favorite suppliers and products.

Here Is Just A Small Taste Of What You Will Learn

  • Which baking and dry good staples you can save a ton buying online, and which you should ONLY buy at your local market.
  • Discover how good coffee can really be! The inside scoop on buying, roasting or simply enjoying coffee on a whole new level.
  • Which “healthy” food labels are bought and paid for by huge marketing budgets and only confuse consumers.
  • The surprising reason you can actually SAVE money by choosing pastured, grass fed and organic meats.
  • A handy online resource that lets you search, find, and review local pre-screened farms offering beef, poultry, eggs, dairy, lamb, and pork.
  • The RIGHT way to buy and eat seafood to make sure it’s safe, healthy and affordable while avoiding harmful toxins.
  • No time to shop? Get organic, farm fresh produce delivered to your door. Find out which options won’t break the bank.
  • And much, much more!

PLUS: When You Order Today You Will Get Access To An Awesome Money Saving Bonus

BONUS: Shopping Cheat Sheet

Stop wasting time and money on low-quality products. With this simple to use cheat sheet you will have direct access to all of my favorite foods, suppliers and special treats.

  • Direct links to my favorite mail order suppliers of free-range poultry, pasture raised meats and the absolute best wild-caught seafood.
  • Sugar substitutes, baking staples, and all of my favorite cooking fats that actually help you burn fat.
  • The best sources for organic spices, specialty foods, and hard to find treats you won’t see anywhere else.

People Are Saving Money And Eating Better...

“I appreciate your sharing this good info. We’ll add it to our repertoire, use it to make it more quickly and safely through the gauntlet of modern day American food options. Thanks!” 

Mindy J.                                                 *****

“Thank you so much for the great suggestions. I have found some grass fed beef, buffalo and organic chicken in my grocery that keeps me on a fairly good diet. But you had some good ideas. Thanks again.” 

Camille D.                                                 ****

“These are tips I’ll definitely be using in the coming weeks because, well, where I’m living right now is not what you’d call a “mecca of health consciousness.” So…I’ve been forced to improvise and us tactics (like those in this guide) to make the most of a difficult situation.”

Bryan M.                                                *****

"This guide is great because it takes all the guesswork out of finding great food at good prices. The direct links are really helpful too! Thanks so much Abel!"

Maureen G.                                              *****

“Your tricks for finding cheap meat and then how to make the most of it in the kitchen are priceless. For once I am actually excited to go to the supermarket to hunt for healthy bargains! Thank you for the info.”

Tom W.                                                    *****

“Hey Abel, thanks for the shopping guide. I loved the section on supplements and it was good to see exactly what you take and where you get it. There are so many supplement companies out there it’s always hard to tell who to trust.”

Justin L.                                                        ****

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